How Our Chain Strap Works

Our idea was to make a belt bag with a strap that would look cute and stylish as a belt replacement with any outfit. But we also wanted it to fit everyone and be easily convertible to a crossbody bag, shoulder bag, or wristlet, even on the go.

With our unique 4-section gold chain strap, you can adjust our convertible bags to fit your waist (sizes 24 inches to 61 inches); or wear it as a shoulder bag, crossbody or wristlet; or remove the chain altogether and carry it as a stylish clutch.

The strap includes 5 ring clasps and 4 sections of chain of different lengths, carefully calculated to allow many combinations so you can find a fit that works perfectly for you. We chose large ring clasps to make it easy to clasp on and off when you're wearing it as a belt bag, or to add and remove sections.

  • Belt Bag — Wear the strap at full length, or remove sections and rings to find the perfect fit for your waist or hip size (depending if you want to wear it high or slung low). Experiment with combinations of sections and rings until you find the right fit. (Sometimes if it's a little loose, adding one or two extra rings is the perfect solution!)
  • Crossbody — At full length, with all sections and rings, the strap is 49 inches long and turns the bag into a crossbody.
  • Shoulder Bag — Remove sections and rings as needed to adjust the size to a shoulder bag with the amount of drop you want. We find removing the second-longest section of chain and one ring makes a great shoulder bag length for most people, but see what combo works best for you!
  • Wristlet — Remove all but the two smallest section of chain and two rings. Attach the ends of both sections to the same ring and clip that ring on one end of the bag.
  • Clutch — Unclip the chain from the bag and store it inside the bag in case you decide a shoulder bag would be more convenient later in the night!