Betsy Dare Does New Orleans

Betsy Dare Does New Orleans

Kristin Walters

New Orleans is my favorite city, and I used to visit at least twice a year (not hard to do, since I live only a few hours' drive away), especially when I was writing a book set there and had the excuse! Once, I even stayed an extra day by myself just to write in a garret room overlooking the rooftops of the French Quarter, and rode back on the train, writing (okay, mostly eavesdropping on other people's drama) the whole way. 

lisa belt bag in caramel and cream with the boy in the red dress book

But with the pandemic and whatnot, I hadn't been back since early 2019! So when some friends suggested we do a 3-day weekend trip there, I was thrilled! It took me like 400 hours to pick out my outfits for the trip, and I also packed half the Betsy Dare bags, and most of the Betsy Dare earrings.

I felt so much joy coming across the Lake Ponchartrain bridge and seeing the city rise up in the distance! Then we settled into our room in a beautiful little hotel in the French Quarter, the Maison Dupuy, which had the most perfect quiet courtyard, but was only a couple of blocks from all the action. We met up with our friends and proceeded to spend the next two and a half days eating delicious food, drinking less-delicious-than-potent drinks, strolling the streets, frolicking in the rain, carting my book around to visit the book locations, and shopping. 

Me with my favorite drink:

lisa bag in black and white geometric with a margarita

Me in my natural habitat:

shopping in my betsy dare caramel and cream bag

Oh and we heard so much live music and did so much dancing, which is my favorite thing in the world (yes, even more favorite than shopping)!

Me with my fav dance partner:

my husband and me enjoying some new orleans live music

And along the way, my Betsy Dare bags served me so well! I ended up mostly alternating between the Lisa Belt Bag in Black/White Geometric and the Lisa Belt Bag in Caramel and Cream, because they coordinated well with all the outfits I'd brought and had just the right amount of room to carry my phone, sunscreen stick, lipstick, and cash hands-free, without hindering me whenever a sudden opportunity to dance arose!

Me on the way home from brunch on the last day, already wishing I never had to leave:

 lisa belt bag in black and white geometric with lemon print dress