Product Spotlight: The Heather Duffel in Rainbow Confetti

Kristin Walters

We love a weekend getaway, and our Heather duffel in Rainbow Confetti will give your trip just the boost of fun it needs, right out the gate! 

Packing for a trip always stresses me out, so I wanted a weekend bag that got me in a party mood instead of an oh-my-god-why-did-I-decide-to-take-this-trip mood. I designed the Rainbow Confetti print because I love lots of bright color, and I am semi-obsessed with 80's and early 90's geometric prints. And I chose purple for the trim and interior, because why not??

product spotlight: the heather duffel in rainbow confetti print

The Heather was named after one of my fav dance mom friends, because we always have to bring All The Things on our dance convention weekends! (Also, it's just such a quintessential 1980's name, I couldn't resist.)

You wouldn't believe the amount of stuff that fits in this duffel. When I was taking these photos, I stuffed SEVEN full size towels in there! I have used it for many weekend getaways, and it has plenty of room for the ridiculously excess amount of clothes and shoes I always bring. 

rainbow confetti duffel

I always like to add on one of our Lightning Bolt Luggage Tags for an extra pop of color, too!

heather duffel in rainbow confetti